Building and Growing an Audience SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU Just Got Easier!

How to Make Money Using Social Media for Business



Here's The Thing: Social Media Can Be Overwhelming

Especially for new business owners AND even established businesses who have no time to manage their social media! But you're just in luck, because I can help you achieve your goals!


What Makes Me Different From the Rest?

You get to work with ME, not any of my employees. But 1 on 1 with me. I offer an array of services, but you get to speak to me, the expert first! Most agencies will send you to their apprentices first and thats why some of you may feel less inclined to use their services.


My Results Are Unique.

My results are unique and profound, it is custom and individualized. I custom tailor to my clients needs using my 5 Part System, which is all organic. I offer a steady growth within your target audience.


Organic and Paid Services Available

All my services are organic but I offer Facebook Advertising services as well. Facebook Ads are a perfect way to reach a massively large audience with real people in a short amount of time! Facebook Ads are the best form of advertising, effective and cheap! Must have this in every marketing budget for ANY business!

Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it! -
Henry D. Thoreau

My Clients Are Acing The Game

Kandy is Your Go To Social Media Expert!

“Not only is her services prompt & informative, she's so easy to work with. Kandy, brought thousands of followers to my business page. Within a week time frame, I've noticed the high traffic on my page. I highly recommend Kandy for your social media needs. Thank you for working your magic Kandy!" *

Lisa T N. - Baymont Inn & Suites

Kandy Has Far Exceeded Expectations!

"Kandy has far exceeded expectations. She has been very patient with me and she has been extremely collaborative. She’s answers right away whenever I have questions and doesn’t stop until we have the result that we want. I couldn’t recommend her enough!" *

Tanner H - National Car Accident Lawyer Network

Kandy is the Bomb!

"I am so grateful I booked a consultation with Kandy!! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about marketing and utilizing social media. I consider her guide my marketing Bible!! Any and everything you’d ever want to learn about how to boost you followers and turn them into revenue for your business, she can teach you. I’ve applied just a few tips and I have already increased my following! She’s amazing! Thank you, Kandy for your expertise and professionalism. You are the bomb!!" *

Ariadne J - SeauxDivineOrganics

Kandy's Work is Priceless!

"As a small business owner I understand the timely and effective support is priceless. This is exactly what I received working with Kandy. Her digital marketing campaign helped my business experience a significant increased my views, customers and leads! Working with Kandy is worth the investment and money well spent!" *

Davlin M. - Drive Sports Performance

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary! -
Jim Rohn

Social Media Management Made Easy!


I Offer Many Different Packages!

Basic, Plus, Premium, and Premium Plus packages to suit your needs and budget!


A La Carte

Additional Add On Services


Brand Development

This service is for those starting from scratch and need help! Service includes Brand Identity, Logo design, Social Media Brand Design, Packaging Design, Brand Photography, Graphic Design, Mood Boards, Social Media Templates + eFlyers and Photography Services from scratch to re-branding for startups or established businesses.

What Makes ME Different From Others?


You can reach me via E-mail, Messenger, Direct Message, and thru Text 504-900-8448 for FREE 5 Questions


My commitment is to get you results that exceeds your expectations!


With over 15 years of experience in the industry. My techniques and strategies are unique.


1 on 1 Personalized consults custom tailored to your needs, which comes with a social media audit worth $175


My goal is to exceed your expectations with high quality and professional work.


My goal is to establish a relationship with you where you are confident and comfortable with working with me that will help you achieve your goals realistically.

Want to Learn More About Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads can be a powerful marketing tool for your small business. With simple measurement and unparalleled ability to target based on interests and custom audiences. Facebook ads can be the difference maker - to help you cut through the noise, reach your customer ands grow your business.

What Should You Expect?

It lets your cut through the noise and deliver content only to highly-target people who care about what you have to say.

I Just Don't DO It For You, But I Also Teach You!

If you're not ready to outsource your social media to someone else and would rather learn by yourself, I offer 1:1 Hourly consults that will teach you my 5 Part System to work for you effortlessly.

You Are Just a Few Clicks Away from Making One of the Best Decisions In Your Life!

Here's what we will cover in our 30min consult!


Social Media Audit

There will be an intake form you will fill out with your social media information. I will go thru your social media before our consult so we can discuss any improvements if needed and profile optimization.


Brand Story

I will go over what a Brand Story is and help you break down yours and how its important to how your social media operates.


How to Grow A Following

I will tell you how to grow a following organically, with my unique techniques you won't learn anywhere else.


Package Breakdown

If you're looking to learn more about social media management or facebook ads we will go thru the benefits and how it will work for you.

"Kandy has made me feel so comfortable!"

Alexis R. W. - Mad Beauty Lounge

"Thank you so much for bringing exposure to my small business. It's insane how many people visited, clicked etc. But I really wanna tell you that your ability to communicate effectively and timely is what made me feel so comfortable. I have never, never, NEVER advertised like this before I was so scared of wasting my money. You made me feel so incredibly comfortable. I truly appreciate you!"

Imagine This Day: You Wake Up Not Having To Worry About Your Social Media

Why did you even start your business for if you're too busy doing everything else? You're operating off of different hats and learning things that has nothing to do with your business but you know you need social media to thrive, which takes away so much time from your real passion, your business!

The key to success and scaling is outsourcing so you can save time and energy into building your business.

Social media is WORK, more work than building a business, that requires daily engagement to thrive, and you really need to dedicate that time to all the necessities of growing your business. Why not outsource and let someone who is an expert to do it for you, thats one less thing for you to worry about!

That's Not All! Here Are E-Books To Help You Along Your Journey!

If you’re a business owner struggling with coming up with captions for your posts on Instagram! I created the ultimate guide to help you create captions plus 55 examples you can customize to meet your audience for any niche!

Purchase your Social Media For Business Training Guide and Work Book! ON SALE

How to Use Social Media for Business Training Guide and Workbook for those of you who fast paced ad high achievers who want to learn without my consult!

This guide will help you

✅ clarify your mission

✅ How, when and what to post

✅  learn each strategy for each platform

✅  how to make the 5 part system your own

✅  Marketing strategies

✅  Facebook, IG and Tiktok

✅  Influencer and Email marketing

✅  How strategies applied with grow following effortlessly from all platforms.


✅  Apps & Tools

✅  55 Captions to Use for any niche 

✅  Worksheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: No refunds, as all services provided is work, effort, and time spent. 

Ans: I can not guarantee a certain amount of followers in a certain amount of time. As techniques used are organic and every business is different.

Ans: Viralibilty depends on the content and where its placed in different platforms, while other platforms may have higher chances. My goal if I am managing is to help you gain visibility.

Ans: While there are some virtual assistants well versed in social media, their job is to just post content. Where as a manager builds a strategy behind your social media to help grow and reach your target audience. They maintain your social media and managers grow your social media which is strategy based.

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