Hi #KandyKrushes, Here you will find the most commonly asked questions about me and this page.

Where did you get iKandy from?

iKandy was created as an internet persona, much like the TV show iCarly. K is for my name Karen, and often people have told me I was sweet like candy. Therefore, the name iKandy was created. However, people often confuse it for the play on words, eye candy. I won't deny having some physical attributes to this idea, but intentionally it was only as an internet persona thus becoming a brand. Welcome to iKandyland!

Where are you from?

I can answer this three ways:

  1. I was born and raised in Maryland.
  2. I currently reside in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  3. My parents are from Cambodia.

Is your booty real?

Of course! I attribute that to my dad's frequent squats while working in the rice fields of Cambodia. Thanks, Dad!