What is #datingiKandy?

#datingiKandy is a series created by iKandy. The podcast and social media community explores the challenges men and women face while dating in modern day. We discuss dating trends, pose thought provoking questions, stimulate stirring dialogue, and form new connections. With over 30,000 followers on her social media platforms, iKandy invites you to a community where people can tackles issues, share stories, and learn something new!

The new and revamped podcast will air spring of 2018, with new guests, interviews and more! Listen to real people with real stories!


Listen to the lastest episode here!

Listen to "Fifth Episode: Situationships" on Spreaker.

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.

Karen Tep

Founder & CEO

Next Steps...

If you like to be a part of the podcast by sharing your own stories a bout dating, love or relationships! Please e-mail me.