The Anatomy of a Dick Pic by Karen iKandy Tep

For years, since social media has been accessible to the masses, women everywhere have been receiving the dreaded  “dick pic” in their emails, inbox or DMs. What is a dick pic? Well, it is a full blown photo of a man’s private parts. Usually, it is in hopes you find it so appealing that you would be willing to succumb to its glorious protruding mass, or so he thinks.

No one knows the true origin of this phenomenon, but let’s date this back to when social media was created. I only say this, because I couldn’t imagine a polaroid photo in someone’s mail box. Let’s face it, if you’re a woman, you have received at least one unsolicited photo of male genitalia. But what prompts men to send such non-consenting photos to women in the first place?

Ever since, I created my show #datingiKandy, where I discuss topics about dating, love, and relationships. The dick pic phenomenon was a frequent topic of discussion. Most of my followers know, I highly discourage men from doing such things, and I am also very open to how I find dicks very UNAPPEALING to the naked eye.

  1. THE MALE EGO – There I said it. Whether you agree with me or not. Men were taught to think BIGGER is BETTER. but is it really? Hmm.
  1. NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL – Yes, men do dumb shit on a daily basis without no reason or thought. Apparently, this is one of them.
  1. TO EXERT POWER – By forcing a woman to see it – the SHOCK value – to get a kick of knowing that women hate it but they do it anyway. Attention seeking behaviour, whether it’s a good or bad response. 
  1. THE MATING CALL- This is my favourite – men who send unwanted photos have insecurity issues. Unable to bed women, they send dick pics instead, it boosts their confidence. BUT is it REALLY their own dick pic? Is it to say, “Hey, look at me! My dick is HUGE! I am that GUY!” If I show this dick pic (possibly not their own) MATE WITH ME! Kinda like a baboon, literally.
  1. FOREIGNERS – Not to be a dick, no pun intended, women get a lot of dick pics from foreigners, women are not as respected in other foreign countries. We are a source of play thing for them, made only for sexual pleasure, and this type of behaviour is acceptable.

To be brutally honest, society has accepted this behaviour, the “boys will be boys” type of mentality. This type of interaction is not unlawful, hey but what do I know? Most laws were created by men. So women, what do we do about it? Some women have taken upon themselves to use the embarrassment method. There is no law to test this form of sexual harassment so hey if it’s sent to us, it gives us free reign to share it with others. What? Your teachers never told you? If it’s funny,  share it with the class, we all want to laugh too!