Who is iKandy?


Karen Tep is an actress, former model and Human Rights Activist who was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland and is now currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. A few years into modelling, she discovered her real passion to raise awareness about Cambodia and the genocide, after experiencing her own atrocities.  One of the issues she notices that plagues Cambodia today is lack of education and human trafficking. This fueled Karen’s passion for fighting human trafficking in Cambodia by providing women and girls with opportunities for leadership and independence. In response to the crisis, she has hosted many events and fashion shows in New Orleans, Louisiana since 2010, called “Fashion for Freedom” to raise awareness and fundraise for organizations such as Nomi Network and The Freedom Climb. Karen has climbed 7 summits over 14, 000 ft. in Colorado in the name of human trafficking in July 2014. Karen also co-founded The Strengthening Cambodian Communities Project (TSCCP) a project of KKO a non-profit in Siem Reap. She is a big influence in the Cambodian generation all over the US and overseas; who is also a spokesmodel for Cambodia’s first National Baseball team and has been featured in many films, magazines, newspapers, print, radio, TV, music videos; Jay Chan’s “Chomlouey Chong Kruy” and “Sdai Sen Sdai”, Tony Keo’s “Home for Dinner” and on the international news; Voices of America (VOA) in Washington, DC. She was also selected to judge for the Miss Cambodian American DC pageant in 2015. The past year, she has created a dating show series called “#datingiKandy” where she discusses challenges men and women face in modern day dating LIVE on her very own podcast interacting and engaging with her audience. Most recently, she was Ms. Cambodia for APAS (Asian Pacific American Society of New Orleans) representing the Cambodian community while fundraising for the NGO in November 2017.

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